FTP Trouble Shooting

Internet Browser Errors

This online service is designed to work across everyt platform. Whether you are using Safari on a Mac or IE on your PC this technology suits every combination.

Up Date: Make sure you internet browser version is up to date. To do this simply open your internet, click through to your preferences tab or options and check what version you are running. If there is an update available you should be able to download directly from your tab. Once the newer version is intalled, relaunch your browser and you will be ready to start transferring.

Slow Transfer Rate

Transfer speeds are determined by the slowest connection in the chain. For example, if you have a supersonic 10mb upload speed but you are sending to a server with a speed of only 1mb/sec your transfer rate will be 1mb/sec. Lucky for you we have a dedicated 10mb upload and 10mb download to ensure stable fast connection.

Speed Test: a good way to check you are receiving the transfer speed as promised by your Internet Service Provider is to ran a quick speed test. This small app is designed to send a signal out from your connection (somewhere in the world) and measure its return. This will give you a very quick and accurate speed reading of your internet connectivity. Here's a link to a very effective site Speed Test

*Remember that in most cases your download speed will be 3 times faster than your upload speed. That's pretty normal.

Reboot: If you think your transfer rate and or internet speed is slow a simple and effective fix is to reboot your connection. switch off your modem and or wireless router for 1 minute. When you switch them back on and give them a few seconds to initialize you will more than likely find your browser working normally again. And your transfer rate back up to speed. This is a good way to give your connection a kick in the pants for getting lazy.

Transfer Freezes or Stops

One of the major causes of file transfers freezing, even stopping, is a corrupted file. Depending on your file's history you may not even be aware that it may be truncated in some way. Even viewing as a thumbnail wont show it. Corrupted files are the number one cause of file transfers coming to an immediate stop.

Corrupt Files: The simple way to check if your file is corrupt is to open it. If you can visually see discoloured lines through your image there's a good chance it's no good. You will need to delete this file(s) from your order or, if you have another copy of the file check it, and overwrite the corrupt one.

How to Zip Files and Folders

The only way to upload multiple files, folders and subfolders is by Zipping your entire order into one file. This is a very simple and easy process to follow and the only way to upoad all your files in one folder.

Step 1

Organise your files, folders and subfolders to indicate print sizes or qty etc

Step 2. Most operating systems now have a default Zip application such as WinRar. An easy way to check is to highlight your main folder (Your Name in the above diagram) and see if you have a compression option. (Alt key for Mac) If you do simply select this option and zip your entire order to your desktop location or somwhere you can easily locate it. IF you don't have any option to Zip files you can download the very simple program Zip Install

Step 3. Once your main folder has been successfully Zipped select the Zipped folder and drag it into our FTP window to install.

*If you are still unsure here's a very detailed outline of how Zip files work Help


Q. How do I know if my transfer was successful?

A. Once your files have been transferred you will be automatically redirected to a form for all your details and requests. If you have not been directed to this page there's a very good chance your file transfer was not successful.

Q. What happens once I fill in my details?

A. We will collate your order and send you a confirmation email. This will also include an invoice for your order.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. If you have nominated to collect your prints from our North Narrabeen lab